The next generation of play-to-win tokenomics. Challenge

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Origin story
Founders of Challenge

Two Swedish tech companies met in 2019 and had the same vision. The vision is to change the game industry and revolutionize gaming entertainment. That was the start of the Challenge.

Microsoft contributed and sponsored the first step to building a competitive gaming platform. Eight thousand players were a part of the beta test for the platform and joined different tournaments in Fortnite.

Now it's time for the second step. Launch the ecosystem for Challenge. The platform will be Competitive gaming with tournaments in original games combined with Triple-A games. Let's build this together, have a great gaming experience, and compete on web3.

Challenge Originals
Project FrontLand

Challenge original is a gaming studio based in Stockholm, Sweden. The studio is developing desktop and mobile games. FrontLand is the first game in Original games and will launch in 2022. It is a third-person shooting game and built-in Unreal Engine 5.

Challenge Studios will continue to launch new games on both desktop and mobile. Sign up to test our new games in our app and play competitive gaming.

Challenge extended

Fortnite is our first triple-A game inside the app, where you can play different tournament types in build or no build. Challenge will launch more Triple-A games in the app under extended games to give our community the best game genre options.

Have fun with friends and like-minded and enjoy our Tournaments.

The token
Challenge Coin

$CHALLENGE.GG is an BSC token built on the Binance blockchain. It is the main utility token and the currency of Challenges playground.

$CHALLENGE.GG will be required for the buying and selling of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), such as Features ingame and ASSETs, from The Challenge marketplace.

You will also need to hold $CHALLENGE.GG to participate in tournaments.

Purchase the token here

Challenge anyone
How does it work

Challenge is an ecosystem for gaming. It will provide the community with five branches. As Coins, Original games, Ingame NFTs, and Launchpad for new games and Tournaments. As a member, you will be able to update your profile, be a member of gaming clans and rank up your account with challenge gamification, play tournaments, and win coins.

Sign up for the Challenge app and be able to play competitive gaming in different styles. Play games that you love. Upgrade your gear and skins, play fast sit and play tournaments, and be ready for the upcoming big tournaments.


Acquire Challenge tokens to your wallet


Launch the Challenge App in your browser


Browse challenges and enter the one you like


Play the challenge in your selected game




Collect winnings instantly