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Origin story
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Tourn international and Yonofy is the founder of Challenge.gg.
Tourn International, a NASDAQ-listed global tech company founded in 2010, is the backbone of the influencer tech industry. Yonofy, a Swedish tech company, specializes in building technology solutions for clients across the Nordic region.

Background Story

Challenge 1.0 is the result of the passion and expertise of the people behind Tourn International and Yonufy. These teams, made up of avid gamers and blockchain enthusiasts, aimed to revolutionize the gaming industry by creating a platform that brings together the best of both worlds.

Their initial project, a Fortnite competition, was met with some success during its beta testing phase, but the team quickly realized that it was not enough. They wanted to build something more sustainable, more interactive, and more fun.

The result was Challenge 1.0, a decentralized gaming platform built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network. This platform allows gamers to participate in tournaments, join teams, and even host their own tournaments for other players. With the use of blockchain technology, all transactions and actions are transparent and secure, allowing players to make money doing what they love.

One of the key features of Challenge 1.0 is its focus on including both the gaming and cryptocurrency communities. With the ability to set up clans and participate in tournaments, gamers can earn rewards in the form of cryptocurrencies, making the platform truly decentralized.

Challenge 1.0 was sponsored by Microsoft with a 300,000 dollar investment, allowing the team to bring their vision to life. With a focus on creating a seamless and engaging experience for players, the platform is poised to change the way we play and compete in games.


Our vision at Challenge is to be the driving force behind the widespread adoption of blockchain technology in the gaming industry. We aim to empower players and give them control over their digital assets, creating a vibrant community that collaborates and competes to reach new heights in gaming.

With Challenge, players can take part in thrilling tournaments, play an array of games, and experience the next level of gaming through the power of web3. You'll be able to play with friends and communities, pushing each other to get better and reach new levels of success.

At Challenge, we believe that gaming can be more than just entertainment - it can be a way to connect and compete with others on a global scale. Join us in this journey and own the future of gaming.